Music and the band itself are juiced with misery, pain and taste of black humor combined with hints of sarcasm and slight touch of melodrama, describes their godfather Mr Sun. Music style and influences are based on the feelings not on predetermined guidelines, you really can´t place the sound of RFTS in the tray. We prefer live music, symbiosis between instrument and human is our cup of tea but we dare to say that there will be something for everyone in our orchestra, also in music. 



Matu //Guitar 

Tuomas Lehto //Guitar 

Jani Uusitorppa //Vocals 

Mikko Korhonen //Bass​ 

Mika Vierimaa //Drums 


Five damnedest souls around the seven heights of city of Turku united their feelings, passion to the music and instruments in 2017 (better known as the year of the background tapes and plastic), after the paths had been crossing around since the late 19th century. After years of rushing all around the fields of music we decided to give a last attack towards the music industry meaning this is only the beginning. 



Do not hesitate to contact us about whatever bothers your mind. Our specialty is music among all the phenomena around it, but we definitely are here for every solitary soul who is lost in the dark and yearns for salvation. 

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Mikko Korhonen   //   Matu   //   Tuomas Lehto   //   Mika Vierimaa   //   Jani Uusitorppa

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